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AMC is centralized (Institute level) committee responsible for regulating and implementing different academic activities. It is meant for smooth & uniform conduction of academics throughout the institute. Committee Hierarchy; AMC is headed by Academic Coordinator along with department coordinator. The representative from each department acting as Departmental Academic Coordinator is the member of AMC. All coordinators are involved in monitoring process. Class teachers & Teacher Guardians are pillars of AMC. All Teachers are responsible for implementing the same.

    Committee Members

    Academic Monitoring Coordinators - 2020

    Sl. No Name of the Person Designation Position held
    1 Dr. A. G. Nataraj Principal Chairman
    2 Dr. A. K. Murthy Dean, Academics Coordinator
    3 Dr. R. Gangadhara Reddy HoD, Dept. of Mathematics Coordinator
    4 Dr. Shantala K Ass. Professor, Dept. of ME Member
    5 Dr. Doddegowda B.G Asso. Professor, Dept. of CSE Member
    6 Prof. Shivani Sha Asso. Professor, Dept. of MBA Member
    7 Prof. Lovely Sasidharan Asst. Professor, Dept. of MCA Member
    8 prof. Smitha Ass. Professor, Dept. of ISE Member
    9 Prof. Siddalingamma Ass. Professor, Dept. of ECE Member


    Academic Monitoring coordinator is responsible for drafting, regulating and implementing different academic policies. It is meant for smooth & uniform conduction of academics throughout the institute.

    Before the commencement of academic session, action plans are discussed with the Principal and Heads of various departments for delivering effective teaching learning process. Once the academic session is in full swing and all the laid action plans are being followed, the academic monitoring committee reviews the effectiveness of these action plans as well as suggest measures for improvement.

    The Broad functions of the Academic Monitoring Committee are to monitor:

  • The progress of the coverage of the syllabus of each class.
  • The overall attendance of the students of each class.
  • Ensuring the adherence to the dates mentioned in the academic calendar for conducting various activities by each department.


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