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Campus Gardening Cell

Gardening Committee is responsible for planning, identifying and organizing planting areas and supervising the maintenance of planted area in the campus.

Committee Members

Functions of Cell

  • Study the Landscape, marking location with GPS, identify the location (Spots for Plantation) and their suitability like herbs, shrubs and trees.
  • Request the management for procurement of sapling.
  • Identify the available (source) Plants(saplings).
  • Maintenance, watering (sustenance)

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP): Sequential planted canna bio reactor using three types of patented bacteria convert a septic tank effluent into useable water for vegetation and cricket stadium, lawns etc. The quality is compatible to urban recycle standards as per Karnataka state pollution control board norms (Biochemical Oxygen Demand BOD less than 10 mg/l and Total Suspended Solids TSS less than 10 mg/l)


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