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“Our Vision is to Develop, Enrich and Crave out the inner Entrepreneurial Potentials of the Students and Providing them an Opportunity to present their Ideas in Front of IGNITE”


IGNITE Mentor the aspiring Entrepreneurs to convert feasible ideas into actual Business proposals which will, not only add values to an individual but will also benefit to the Nation as a whole.

IGNITE-Entrepreneurship Committee

The E-cell-IGNITE was established in year 2016 for discovering and promoting entrepreneurship talent among students. E-Cell works in collaboration with National Entrepreneurial Network (NEN- a Wadhwani Foundation). E-Cell is managed by the students with the support of the faculty members.

The Entrepreneurship Cell aims to IGNITE creative thinking and nurture entrepreneurial instincts in students. The Cell hopes to achieve this by conducting stimulating workshops, competitions and interactive sessions with eminent personalities who are role models when it comes to business development. The Cell's ultimate vision is to create independent business persons out of interested students so that they not only become self-employed but also become capable of providing gainful, fulfilling employment to others and thereby benefit society at large.


  • To Foster the Spirit of Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship in all students
  • To Create an Environment providing diverse Opportunities for Growth and Development as Entrepreneurs and as competent Professionals
  • To Pioneer the Culture of Entrepreneurship in AMC Engineering college
  • To Enable Students to Start and Manage their own small business units


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