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Rajabhasha Cell

Mahatma Gandhi, in his address to the Gujarat Education Conference at Bharuch in 1917 had stressed the need of a national language and expressed that Hindi language could be adopted as national language because this language spoken by majority of the Indians. It has the potential of being used as an economic, religious and political communication link. The Constitution makers had deliberated the issue of Official Language in detail at the time of framing the Constitution and it was decided that Hindi in Devanagari script should be adopted as the official language of the Union. This is the basis of declaring Hindi as the official Language of the Union under Article 343(1). At the time of framing and adoption of the Constitution, it was envisaged that English will continue to be used for executive, judicial and legal purposes for an initial period of 15 years i.e. till 1965. Besides, it was provided that the President may authorize the use of Hindi language for some specific purposes.

RAJABHASHA Committee Members

Article 351 of the Constitution speaks of the development of Hindi as the Official Language of the Union. The framers of the Constitution had envisaged that Hindi with the help of other Indian Languages would evolve as a composite language, capable of being accepted by people living in non Hindi speaking regions.

These are few points from the RAJA SABHA SAMITI that has inspired us to form a committee for Hindi language in our college to educate and inspire more students to learn our RAJABHASHA.

The RAJABHASHA class in our institution includes the following:

  • Hindi RAJABHASHA class is held every third Saturday of every month
  • Session includes interested students from all the branches irrespective of their semesters.
  • Each class comprises of around 70 students.
  • In each semester we conduct debate,poetry writing and essay writing competitions for our students.
  • Every class includes one activity for the students to take part in.
  • We have many students who have taken part in various competitions in other colleges.
  • We encourage our students to learn our RAJABHASHA and spread the awareness to use it.
  • This class was organized in 2015 inspired by Modi’s government
  • Since then we conduct competitions like debate,essay writing,poetry writing etc. every semester and make sure all the interested students participate in it.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

The main role of this class is to create awareness about Hindi language among all the students. This includes both type of students who can read and write Hindi, who cannot read and write Hindi. By conducting this class, we make sure that all the students can improve their vocabulary and grammar. The students also get a platform to showcase their talents. For non-Hindi speaking students this class acts like a platform to learn our RAJABHASHA.

Few works of our students are presented below:

1. Poetry on calculator:

2. Poem on After Midnight:


One of our outgoing student Ms. Neha Kumari has participated in many competition and represented our college.She has attended a conference that took place in Koramangla all by herself and she won a prize for her poem ‘Musafir Hun’.She has written many poems on There is a platform for people to register online and present their work named Pen Writer company,she has represented a lot of her works there.

This is her blog where she presents her work

She also has a YouTube channel.The link is provided below

Another student Vaibhav from first year also writes poetries and shayaries. He has written many articles.


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