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Dr. GIRISHA.C is a dynamic professional with a rich experience of 19 years in academics, administrative and research domain in technical education. His strong academic credentials include Ph.D. from VTU and both M.E and BE from University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore.

Dr. GIRISHA.C is currently supervising 4 Research Scholars for their Ph. D degree under VTU. He has published / presented more than 25 technical papers in reputed National, International Journals and Conference proceedings. Three patents has been published. 24 sponsored UG/PG Projects, Three-Projects selected for the BEST PROJECT OF THE YEAR awards.

His research areas are, Natural fiber reinforced Polymer matrix composites, Biomedical Engineering, Sustainable Technologies, he has worked as a BOE Member (2018-19), VTU, Belagavi. Dr. GIRISHA.C is a member of Indian Society for Technical Society (ISTE) and Solar Energy Society of India (SESI)

Principal's Message

“Tell Me and I Forget
 Teach me and I remember
 Involve me and I learn”
 Is what Benjamin Franklin once said.

Education is the key to unseal the golden opportunities in life!

Dear Students & Faculty Members

It is a privilege to serve as the Principal of AMC Engineering College, a prestigious institution that has an established reputation of academic achievements and the prospects of a conducive learning environment.

We are often prone to different challenges at various intervals of time and the driving factor that keeps us going is “Passion”. As a seasoned pedagogue, I have been passionate about nurturing the student community to the fullest extent possible. I believe in my role as a facilitator, to bring out the best in every student and encourage them to achieve their goals.

Our institution believes that the very purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows; in the sense –to make provision for a multitude of opportunities for the student community, to explore and enhance their capabilities. A team of experienced, excellent and dedicated faculty bestow upon the students, a holistic orientation for a better cognitive development.

“Education is not a preparation for life; Education is life itself. It is a perpetual process of learning that makes an individual realise oneself. So do not just study, but learn. Do not just learn, but observe. Do not just observe, but act in cognizance.”

I, on behalf of AMC College, Welcome all the students and convey my best wishes for achieving great success and scaling new heights in the days to come.

Thank You!
Dr Girisha .C
Principal, AMC Engineering College.


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