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Our home away from home

    Our home away from home

    To be a part of AMEC was one of the most rightful decisions for my career. Hailing from West Bengal, I was excited to come down to study at AMC Engineering College, Bangalore. The management, faculty and other staff are very cordial and ensure our constant well being. They address our issues and promptly help out in any crisis.

    Regular classes and assessment tests are conducted by faculty who are skilled in their subjects. To make sure that every student grasps the concept right, extra classes and doubt clearing sessions are also held. A special word of appreciation for the faculty for being so cooperative, understanding and teaching us in the best possible way. The faculty encourages us to acquire knowledge outside of the university curriculum to stay at par in today's competitive world. The college organizes certification courses, communication skills workshops, seminars and webinars by eminent industry experts in India and abroad. One recent prominent webinar was on marketing by the iconic - Mr. Philip Kotler.

    Academics is always the priority in the institution but not the only one. Weekly hackathons, quizzes, debates, competitions of singing, dancing, fine arts, social works, fests, etc. are provided to ensure holistic education, and to groom us into successful engineers as well as ideal citizens.

    The student crowd is quite diverse with students not just from various parts of India but also from overseas, living in a harmonious, disciplined and healthy competitive environment. A walk around the campus, especially to the canteen during lunchtime is a perfect witness to the unified diversity of students belonging to different regions, languages and religions.

    The moment I stepped into the college campus for the first time, I felt that I belonged here. This 52-acres of lush-green campus has become my home away from home.