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Enroll at one of India's premier Engineering and Management colleges. AMC offers the opportunity to work across disciplines, embrace complexity and become a flexible, fearless, forward-looking global citizen and scholar.

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AMC is proud to announce that 20 students will be provided with 100% scholarships on tuition with an exceptional background in sports, academics and extracurricular activities, each year.
Scholarships under other criteria vary from case-to-case which is evaluated by the scholarship committee before a scholarship is provided. These scholarships can vary from Rs20,000 and can go all the way up to 100% aid on tuition.

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Scholarship Criteria

Our simple 3 step process


Students who have an exceptional academic background, i.e. 86% and above in 10th,12th or equivalent/qualifying exam.

Sports Achievement

Students with an achievement under international, national, state or district level will fall under this category.

Special Awards

Students with Precedence awards, Genius awards, Star awards, Intellect awards, International recognition, best all-rounder student award, Individual recognition, etc. will also be eligible for a scholarship at AMC.


Points of View

Anything is possible when you have the right opinions.


Join the leaders and the best. Your journey towards becoming the person you want to be begins at AMC.

What we look for in an applicant?

● Good academic background is one of the key aspects we look out for in students. If you perform well in your academics, it shows that you can cope up with the workload of college.

● We pay attention to non-academic recognitions in activities like sports and other forms of art and we see how committed you are to it.

● Writing an exceptional essay showcases your personality. A well-written essay can tip the decision in your favour but a poorly written one can do the opposite.

Apply Now

Step #1

Select the program you want to study in.

Step #2

Fill the online application form & attach all relevant documents and certificates like the marks sheet of 10th grade,12th grade or any equivalent examination.

Step #3

Get an interview scheduled from our trained & certified counsellors. The interview options are one-on-one, online or telephonic.

Step #4

Students will also go through an entrance exam, group discussion and a personal interview.

Step #5

Accept our offer to study with us and done! Welcome to AMC :)

Tips to get shortlisted

3 tips that will help you get shortlisted at AMC!

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Attach an essay showcasing why you want to study at AMC. Write down why you want to pursue higher education at AMC. This will help us understand what value it holds for you.

Strong Academics

Students with strong academic backgrounds will be preferred. Building strong academics will help you, not just here but throughout the world.


Students with excellent non-academics excellences like achievements in sports, awards, and recognitions also hold major value.